Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That Girl

This girl is something else.
She is never bored.

She makes her own fun.
All of the time.

She talks to herself in the little games she creates.
She is a whiz at animal sounds.
She knows a lot about animals.
Her stories often begin "Mom, I gotta tell you something..."

She sings all day long.
Or hums.
Or makes up stories.

She day dreams.
She thinks.
She imagines.
She is a truly happy child.
In fact, she says she is the luckiest girl ever.

I guess she is right!

(All of the photos above were taken on the same day as she moved around the yard after dinner.)


Tara said...

What beautiful photographs you have to admire her wonderful spirit!

Dawn said...

Aww..this made me smile. She is a lucky girl.