Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still Here

We are still here.
Still getting to know our new kitten.
Still having fun with the guinea pig.

We are coming along nicely with the school year.
Almost 4 weeks in already.
Lots of early enthusiasm both
by me and the girl.

Still picking garden produce daily.
Potatoes, beans, cucumbers.
Waiting on the beets, carrots and parsnips.
And oh those tomatoes.
Will they ever ripen?

Someone has a birthday coming up.
48 already.
Weren't we just 18 and newly married?
Well weren't we?


Dawn said...

Awww...what a cute little kitten. I'm glad you're still here. I've missed you! I was laughing at myself the other day, and my efforts to grow tomatoes. I spent $20 on a mature plant and got about four tomatoes, total. They're done now. Not exactly the best investment. It just doesn't get hot enough here.

Tara said...

Welcome back :)...... what a precious little kitten !!

Your tomatoes are lovely and round, ours did ripen but they were awfully ugly. They did make some good marinara though.

Glad the new hs year is off to a great start - enjoy your birthday!

Anonymous said...

That kitten is adorable! I found you on Beauty that Moves, we are homeschoolers too, in NJ.

Heather said...

Welcome back! Such sweet photos. Happy anniversary, 18 years is awesome!