Friday, December 6, 2013


The holidays are fast approaching and no matter how I try to figure it I have so much to do and not so many days to do it in. So... I am not going to do it all. Not this year. Not ever. I don't know when it happened but for quite some time I have not looked forward to Christmas time. There wasn't a catastrophic event, no big family blow-up, no burned turkey dinner. I decided that this year I would try to regain all of that holiday spirit I once had as a younger woman.

My first day was a bust. It was tree decorating day. As is the usual custom we get a real tree, let it thaw and decorate it the next day. Sunday last was that day. Paul usually sits on the couch with a rum and eggnog and whichever girls that live with us and I decorate the tree. Well this year he had to go work outside on the garage. He just had to. Athena wasn't interested although she did stay in the room with me while I decorated both the tree and the house. Fantastic. My first day of renewed positive attitude!


After I finished with the decorating and as I was preparing dinner (and maybe grumbling to myself just a little bit) I got to thinking about attitude. My attitude regarding the holidays in particular. I purposed that I am going to be present this December. I want to slow down and to listen and to notice. I want to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Every single one of our immediate family will be here for Winter Solstice. I am excited for the day we managed to arrange schedules this year because the solstice is what I celebrate. We have two baby granddaughters added to the family over the past year and so our family number is fourteen!  I am so looking forward to us all being together and it is on me to make "Christmas happen". I know you know what I mean. There is the planning, the shopping, the wrapping, the menu planning, the baking, the cooking and the cleaning. These things don't get done by themselves but sometimes I think our families think they do.


So while I cannot do everything, I will try to do some things. I want to make this get together one that my family will remember. I know they won't remember the gifts or the food or the decorations but what I do hope they remember is the good feeling they had while they were home. I plan to enjoy my girls (all 9 of them!) and my boys (a measly 4 of them). We will talk about their younger days and catch up on these days. We'll laugh and love and be present and that will be enough.

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Tara said...

I see myself in this post. There is too much to do in a short amount of time and we have to choose wisely and let the rest go but it is difficult since we never want to disappoint anyone.

You are absolutely right - your family will remember how they felt being together in your home, not the food or decorations.

Your house looks festive and cheerful. Have a glass of wine for me and enjoy your holiday time!