Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Beginnings

Oh what a few weeks it has been. The very best thing that I have done in quite some time is to delete my Facebook account. I cannot tell you the freedom there was in that for me. It was getting quite ridiculous actually. I couldn't walk past my iPhone without checking to see if someone posted something new. Although I do miss quite a few things about it I feel good about the result. Who knows? Maybe someday I will log on again but I hope not.

Another thing that has ended for me is this blog. Its story is told and just like some of you have said in the past, my child's story is hers to tell, or not. I am so glad to have documented her life from a tiny little soul until she turned ten on both this blog and my older one. Ten is a big age, you know!

As interests change for me and I change along with them, I feel steered in a new direction so I won't be writing in this space anymore. Thank you for your comments and your help and your presence. I will not be gone completely as I have started a new blog. It is about the natural world, the making of our homestead and all things country! I know this will not interest all of my readers and that is okay. If you might want to take a peek you can find it here.

Thank you again.


Tara said...

I can only imagine how freeing it must be to let go of Facebook - I only dabbled with it for a few weeks, years ago, and it took up too much time then!

Starting a new blog now that you have a new adventure to document seems like a well timed decision and I will be sure to check it out. All the best to you!

Dawn Klinge said...

I feel a mixture of emotions about this blog coming to an end, ones that echo my feelings about my own changes in blogging. It's bittersweet, these changes. I will miss reading Home Grown, but as I'm in a similar state of change, with my own 10 yo, obviously, I understand. I'm happy that you will be continuing to write, and I look forward to reading about your adventures on your new land. We won't lose touch.
Facebook can certainly create a lot of unwanted drama. My solution has been to hide the feeds of the people who continually create that drama. For now, it's working for me. I've thought of leaving altogether too. ; )

Robin said...

I'm coming in long after you've gone but enjoying this blog. I'll be visiting the new blog, too. Just wanted you to know this blog is still being read!