Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love Yoga. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years now. I taught yoga for 3 years. I knew from the very first class I took that this was something special.

I was drawn to both the physical and spiritual aspects of it right from the start. Something just clicked from that very first class. It just made sense. As I pursued the study of yoga and then on to my teacher training I learned more and more about this ancient form of mind/body/spirit union and I was hooked.

I began an intense home practice. Rodney Yee was my guru. I learned the most minute adjustments that made a huge difference in asana. I felt healthy, happy and dare I say... free.
I looked forward to the time each day that the house was empty and I would roll out my mat.
It was difficult as I was learning new poses. It was sweaty as I ventured into vinyasa. It was liberating and so peaceful when I started out with meditation.
I was more ME then than I ever was.

So why, then, is it that every day I say to myself "Go get your mat and practice" and then seldom do.
Why is it that every time I do follow through I feel wonderful. Light, uplifted, flexible and more in tune with Spirit. And then it is days, even weeks before I unroll it again.


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Dawn said...

Oh, I have that same question for myself! Maybe we can help keep each other accountable. Now go to your yoga...right now! ;)