Thursday, May 13, 2010

Victoria Update

Well, we arrived and I did not die in a plane crash. Imagine that. Our hotel is situated on the inner harbor. What a busy place. Planes in and out all day. Whale watching boats, harbor tour boats, boats from Seattle, tug boats, barges, sailboats, kayaks, canoes, sailboats. Lots and lots of boats. Lots and lots of noise. Coming from small town Saskatchewan, we are NOT used to noise, except for the trains, which I will not complain about in this venue. Not today anyway.

The weather has been coolish. Windy too. Wind off the water is very chilly. Today has been the nicest day yet, but alas, the wind is picking up. It has been lovely to be alone with Paul though, but my oh my can that man sleep!! He is sleeping again as I type this little post. He sleeps 9 hours at night and then has a nap every afternoon. Sheesh! Must be nice to be a man.

I have had several excellent experiences here which I will document in a later post with photos. I was privileged to watch two otters playing in the water. I was able to watch a Blue Heron wading in the ocean, easily catching fish. I saw a seagull hop into the water and pull out a crab and then proceed to rip its legs off one by one (not pleasant) and then eat the meat.

Speaking of which, last night at the restaurant the waiter informed us that Spot Prawns were in season for only a short time. Of course Paul thought that we should try them. He ordered some as an appetizer. Well, my goodness, when he placed the four of them in front of us I immediately thought of something my sister Lyse said. She said that she couldn't eat shrimp because they look like a bug. These Spot Prawns were cooked with the shell and legs and head and antennae on and they were huge, four in a row, just presented like that on a plate. Paul, knowing that I would not like that, immediately told me he would shell it for me. He did so and after breaking the tail of a grayish slime oozed onto the plate from the head portion. He place the prawn on my plate and I ate it quickly. I had to lest I lose my courage and run to the bathroom. It was not bad tasting but the visual I had just witnesses was beyond bearing. I had salad and a crab cake for my dinner. I couldn't even think of eating more. And yes Lyse, they do look like bugs. I may forever be altered.

Athena is doing well with Jen. We called yesterday and she does NOT miss us. She is however teaching Jen all about Fungus Gnats and such so not all is lost.

We are away to Butchart Gardens tomorrow. I am really looking forward to this part of the trip. We will rent a car and then drive up the coast a bit to walk upon the sand and collect some shells. This is more my style, nature, wide open spaces, quiet.

Hey Dawn and Sarah, wanna meet us there with your children? Bring Derek and Andy too. I am sure they could go for pints somewhere.


Dawn said...

Oh Michelle...I'm so tempted. I would love to meet you in Victoria. Your story about the prawns is so funny. :) I just looked into what it would take to get there. With the ferry waits, driving takes about six hours from Seattle to Victoria. The Clipper is much faster, but a little outside our budget this month. That would be so much fun though. Enjoy the rest of your stay! The weather is supposed to be magnificent tomorrow.

Sarah said...

Oh, how I'd LOVE to!!!! I'm so jealous of your stay in Victoria- it's been a very long time since I've been. We're off to Leavenworth this weekend for a birding festival I'm super-jazzed about. :)

Prawns. I hear ya. I'm amazed that you tried one. I'd be too chicken after a sight such as that.

Enjoy the gardens tomorrow! I can't wait to hear all about it!

(And I quite agree about the man-sleeping thing. It's really something, isn't it?!)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your last 2 days.