Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking What We Get

My goodness it has been a cool rainy week. We are not used to so many days of rain. Makes us feel like we live in Vancouver, but not nearly as warm. Yesterday, just yesterday we had our down filled coats and gloves on while we did some outdoor chores. We just had to get outside!

This morning the skies were blue and it warmed up quickly. I had quite a bit of schooling planned for this morning so I actually had to wake the girl up at 8:30 so we could get at it. You will notice that she is often in her pjs. I am not sure if I should have her get dressed before we start or if it doesn't make a difference.

We got our Cuisenare Rods in the mail last week and so today we worked on addition up to 5 with them. We also made as many different combinations of numbers we could to make 10. She found them amusing at the start but quickly tired of them.

We worked on some Handwriting Without Tears, reviewed the Bob Books 4 and 5, and went over some flash cards for the sight words of the and I a are do. She is quite comfortable with those words now. While I was folding some laundry she played a "spot the animal in camouflage" game from Brain Pop Jr. Thanks again Tara. Then I sent her outside. She loves being outside. She called to some Mourning Doves, watched Parker hop from tree to tree and dug in the sandbox. She didn't come in for lunch until half past 12 and went straightaway back outside.

We took advantage of the break in the rain and did some bark rubbings, which she thought was the coolest thing. We hunted for different types of pine cones and found 4 varieties. A good day.

And now the sky has clouded over and the temperature is dropping. We are expecting snow/rain through the night and into Tuesday. I have learned in my almost 45 years of life to take what you can get when it comes to weather. In fact, one of my new favorite quotes is "There is no such thing as BAD weather, only the wrong clothes."


Sarah said...

Just this morning I took a handful of pictures of my Tulip, doing school in her jammies. :) Hey- it's YOUR homeschool. Do whatever YOU want!!! :)

Tara said...

Athena looks so adorable and comfortable in her pj's ~ and for the record... there are days in the deep winter that Owen never gets dressed - just stays comfy in his flannel pj's :0)

Love the pinecone collection!

Dawn said...

That's so great that Athena gets to spend so much time outside like she loves to do. You're dong a great job of tailoring school to meet her individual needs.