Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Out Of The Ordinary

Yesterday I did something out of the ordinary. Out of the ordinary for me, that is. I went to spend the day with a friend of mine. Actually friends of OURS. Thom and Marie. They are actually good, good friends although one would never guess due to our age difference. On a side note, some of the best friends Paul and I have ever had have been much older than we. By a decade or two at least.

Moving on. Athena and I spent the better part of yesterday lounging in the yard with Marie and her daughters. Lauren and Olivia are such sweet girls. Athena doesn't see them often but she loves them like crazy. She ran through their sprinkler, played in their pool and played on their play centre. Tons of fun.

And this is the best part of all. I sat and visited with Marie for hours on end. She made me a delicious lunch which we all ate on the deck. I had forgotten how much I like Taco Salad until yesterday. My daughter Jill made if for me last summer and that is the last time I ate it. So yummy. We talked and laughed and drank some beer (sorry Thom, I owe you one). Absolutely a fantastic day. I loved it!!

On a bad note, even though I was in the shade most of the day (except for pushing Lauren on the swing) I got a sunburn on my arms. Darn it anyway!

What I learned from this expedition was that I don't always have to work all day.

I don't always have to plan everything.

I don't always have to have something concrete to do.

I can just relax. I can just live. I can just laugh. I can just be.

Thanks Marie. I really appreciated your hospitality. M


Dawn said...

I love days spent with friends like that. I'm glad you got to enjoy that time and relax.

Earth Mama said...

Yes and sometimes it is just plain nice to be away from home and enjoy it! Sounds like a lovely day with friends.