Tuesday, October 11, 2011


At long last my travelling husband is taking some holidays. This week in fact. Despite being stuck in Denver for an extra day (grrr) he has been with us. At least he has been in the same location as we are. Things to do you know.So this week he is painting the third level of the house. This is where our classroom and television room are, oh, and the fish. Can't forget the fish. As you can see, he is with us but not "with us". Just the same, I like having him here. I get a glimpse of what normal must be like.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at Jill and Clint's house. First time in 20 years that I haven't hosted. It was so nice and relaxing. And Jen is hosting Christmas dinner so I am off the hook for the year. It is nice to have grown up children who can do some of these things.

And Athena is off school this week which is one of the many benefits to homeschooling. She has been spending a lot of time outside in the unseasonally warm weather and spending a bit too much time on the computer (gasp). Hey, I told you the classroom is decomissioned for the week so it won't hurt for a few days, right? She did, however, put on a lovely little dance show for me the other night. I found this invitation on my chair in the living room.

She is also making stuff. She is always making stuff. And with a bit of expired whipping cream, a tooth pick and some food color (thanks to Jen and Pinterest) she did this little artwork. She loved it.

And just to make this post a real mix up, we have a pair of collared doves hanging  around the yard. I don't really know what to feed them. I tried Vector cereal but they weren't interested. Oh well, black oil sunflower seeds is my only other offering.

 And last but not least, this was one of the cutest things ever. Cash and Alphie, my daughter's dogs, who weren't allowed in during the Thanksgiving dinner, ruefully watched us through the window, on top of the picnic table in the back yard.


Tara said...

Enjoy your holiday break and have some pie!

The dogs are hilarious :)jokpolcu

Tara said...

the jokpolcu from the previous comment was my word verification....funky Blogger!!

Kaivalya said...

Oh my! That photo of the dogs is absolutely priceless...I love it!

Dawn said...

Ha, those dogs! : ) Happy Thanksgiving to you. I love that note about the dance show, so cute.