Sunday, October 23, 2011


1st year.
A little late in starting unfortunately.
Seems if you don't start at 3 years old
then by the time you are 7 you are way behind.

No matter. She loves it anyway.
And she is always sore the next day.
One muscle or another.
I am a little surprised as she runs around like
an animal half of the day.
Obviously different muscle groups.

The following pictures are our attempt
to get her in the Saute (jump).
Here we go!

Too soon.

Way too soon.

Too late. Already landed.

Gosh, way to soon.

Got it!!

Although this picture captures the spirit
of this little one best.


Dawn said...

So cute! I love that sassy look on Athena's face. :) Seven isn't too old to be starting ballet. There are quite a few professional ballerinas who didn't start until much later.
This letter is from a PNB ballerina named Maria Chapman, that I thought was inspiring:

Tara said...

She's going to do great!

Ellen said...

7 is too late? Who cares. If you love doing something, there is no age to start or to finish.