Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinning It Down

I am a little late on the Pinning it Down this week  but I wanted to join in anyway. We actually do a lot of our pins from Pinterest, I just sometimes forget to take pictures. This week we did a little watercolor that I found on this blog. It is a great site for art ideas for younger kids. So many to choose from. Athena really enjoyed this project and of course she had to add her own personal touch. Which is a good thing. After she painted the birds she was to put salt on the paint, allow it to dry and brush it off. Evidently I was to use fine table salt but I used Kosher so it didn't work out exactly as we planned.

The weather has been so mild that we have spent large blocks of time outside. Walking for about an hour a day. This is good for the soul. Our school week has been unconventional in other ways as well. We have done Math and Language Arts every day. We read, she reads. This week she has been doing some story writing and illustrating. She really likes this, and who can resist a brand new book with all of the pages waiting to be written? Surely not I.

We finally finish studying some of the Biomes. According to the schedule we were to have done this in one short week. It took us 3 weeks at least. We watched the accompanying videos on the BBC Planet Earth series, which were very very good. I recommend that resource for your use. I have had these videos for some time and only now did I get around to using them. I mentioned that the Earth Science book we are using moves at too quick a pace and I still think it is so. No matter, as we have all the time in the world.

Tomorrow we will finish off the school week, tying up loose ends and we hope to spend a good amount of time outside this weekend. Lots of comfort food, some more knitting (finally cast on Athena's Spring Sweater), hopefully some good reading too. And bread. There will be bread. And Eggs. Oooh, and bacon. Don't you just love bacon?


Sarah said...

Lovely watercolor!

And yes, I do love bacon. It was my major craving the whole 2nd trimester. :)

dawn said...

I really like Athena's watercolor painting! Your bread picture is making me so hungry right looks so good. Bacon would be good too. ;)

Tara said...

Athena's birds are so tweet! :0)

Pinterest has loads of good ideas.

Pam Barnhill said...

The watercolor turned out fantastic. That bread looks so yummy -- just beautiful.

Laurie said...

We often have studies that go far longer than predicted. I love the Biomes poster and the watercolor turned out adorable.