Monday, March 12, 2012

Still Here

I can't believe that I haven't blogged in almost two weeks.
Funny because Paul was away for most of last week.
One would think I had piles of time on my hands.
When he is away I like to have a long 'to-do' list.
It makes the time go by more quickly.

Today's post will feature some pictures from the last week.
I have a few things to write about but I am still
going over them in my head. Thinking things through.
I'll post when I have a clear line of thought.

This first picture is from inside the house in the front room.
I applied a "frosting" to the window as our neighbors
kitchen window looks on an angle through this window.
The new privacy is nice but the shadows cast by the
sun through the cedar outside of it change with the changing seasons.
Each mornings 'artwork' is a little different from the days before.

The sun is almost always shining into my kitchen.
I have been spending a lot of time there these days
and the warm sunlight is an added bonus.
Shortbread cookies.
Not just for Christmas around here.

Signs of spring are everywhere.
We got a huge snowstorm last week.
Somehow my extended family blamed me
just because I was wishing for snow all winter.
All of that snow is nearly melted away.

And last week's full moon.
I wish I could capture her better.
She was beautiful.


Athena and Eden, my granddaughter, had a sleepover.
We had a full and busy weekend.
Snowmen were made, hikes were taken and
my beloved Chickadees were well fed.

Even Daddy got in on the feeding this time.
Later on we had some company for dinner.
Slow roasted chicken, baby potatoes with dill and cream, salad,
white bean dip with toasted pita triangles.
Vanilla ice cream with last seasons stewed rhubarb on top.
Nice company, good food, great day!


Jen said...

Good pics! Abby always does that thing with her tongue that Eden is going. A little half twist to fit it in to the space of the missing tooth!

Tara said...

You all have the best attitude about snow - get out and enjoy it!!

Great pics :)

dawn said...

Such beautiful pictures. That window looks so pretty with the "frosting" on it. So glad you're back. You were missed!