Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awaiting Spring

Spring comes slowly in these parts.
She gives us little glimpses of the warm weather to come,
and then just as quickly she reminds us that it is
not time yet.

The catkins are strutting their stuff.
Soon they will be blowing around the deck.
Their multitudes will almost seem
like a covering of snow, only brown.

She loves the beach.
Such a short window for this particular spot.
Soon the algae count will become unsafe.
Plus, there are leeches but we take
what we can get.
This place is a short 15 minute drive from our home.
So for now, she can only dream of swimming here.
The memories are good ones.
Even the "sea weed" that tangles
around her ankles and makes her
squeal in horror and swim to shore.

So for now we wait.
And plant things
And prepare for the growing season.

Succulents are her favorites.
She chose all of these plants herself
and did the lion's share of the  planting.
She placed each pebble one by one
making sure each was in the right place.

We were fortunate to find pussy willow
very close to home.
This year we learned NOT to put water in the vase.
They'll be here forever now.

The rain has been falling on and off
for the better part of a week.
So we bide our time and go to yard sales.
A huge one is planned in the city on Saturday.
We wouldn't miss it.
The last sale we happened by
I got this crock, no cracks, for $10.
Ten bucks.
I'll let you know of the weekend's greatest finds.
(I am looking for a canner in good condition.
Wish me luck!)

1 comment:

Dawn said...

I've seen crocks like yours in antique shops for $100! I wish that I could go garage saling with you this weekend. That's good to know about the no water in the pussy willow vase..didn't know that.