Sunday, May 27, 2012


We recently returned from a mid-month getaway in Waskesiu. We avoided the long weekend traffic and where back home before the weekend. Our family (5 generations now) has been going there as far back as I can remember. So many memories. So many things have changed but so many things remain the same. We used to go on "nature drives" in the evenings, hoping to spot some deer, maybe an elk and fingers crossed, a bear. This year, as we pulled into the town site, elk were everywhere. It was not natural as wild animals should be cautious around humans. Not these elk. One buck actually tried to charge our truck and we were quite far from it. After this encounter, Athena had no wish to see a bear, and we didn't. The deer were still skittish, which is exactly as it should be.

We stayed in the same cabins we have always rented. Kapasawin bungalows. We were one of three cabins that were being used. The rest were being prepared for the summer rush. Usually these cabins are sold out and one must book a year or two in advance. Bette the owner (yes Bette still runs the place!) says that they have vacancies all throughout the summer now. Economy she suspects. Still at $200 a night it ain't cheap and it ain't the Ritz either. We had the off season rate of $125 a night. The cabins were EXACTLY the same. The beds were comfy but only double sized so I got to sleep with Athena, who has these spazzy kicks all night long, and Paul got to sleep in his own room. Suffice it to say my bed felt very comfy when I got back home.

The Kapasawin bungalows now offer free canoe, kayak and peddle boats for the patrons. We were glad we didn't have to bring along our canoe. Paul tried the kayak which he says is very hard on the stomach muscles. We both did not enjoy the peddle boats. It is harder than it looks. Of course the little passenger loved it. We took our bikes biked down a decommissioned road all the way to the town site. Of course I had my bear spray. I took it everywhere with me after the elk attack!

We walked the Boundary Bog too. It is almost like you are transported right into a fairy tale. I let Athena step off the wooden path onto the mossy floor and as I held her arm her leg kept right on going. She asked "Isn't there a bottom?"

And food. We brought breakfast food with us but other than that we planned to eat at restaurants. Unfortunately for us, none of the shops in town were opened until the long weekend. Fortunately for us the golf courses and the hotel dining rooms were. There was one pizza place opened and Paul paid $23 for a 10 inch pizza for himself with nary a topping to be seen. Not really that bad but lets just say a Delissio has more on top of it. My food was fantastic. I had really good healthy food save for one salad that was as wilty as could be. Athena had chicken every day, but good chicken at least. No chicken nugget style which I loathe for her to eat.

The highlights of my trip were seeing a Pileated Woodpecker and my beloved Loons. We also saw a Canada Goose family while we were on the canoe. On our way home Paul spotted a Sandhill Crane as well. One evening we saw an otter swimming across the lake as the sun was setting. It was so peaceful and very quiet and I just LOVE my husband when he is all relaxed and away from work and the fire department!

But after all is said and done, be it ever so humble....  You know the rest.


Jen said...

Great pictures! I have such good memories from going there in the summers and our own little visit two summers ago.

Dawn said...

Oh, got some great wildlife pictures! This trip sounds like a lot of fun and the cabin looks so cute. The elk charging sounds scary though. I remember camping with my family at Yellowstone park and getting stuck in a phone booth for some time(I was calling Derek) because there were moose surrounding me. ;p