Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quiet Contemplation::3

This picture was from last September.
Every last one of us was there.
Our first family getaway and hopefully not our last.

This weekend we go to an extended family reunion of sorts.
Lots of people.
Lots of personalities.
Not all of us are best friends, so to speak.
We don't see eye to eye.
There is unspoken resentment.
There is veiled judgement.
And above all, thankfully...
there is still love.


Jen said...

What? Resentment and judgement?

Sarah said...

I hope love conquers all this weekend. Have a lovely time.

Tara said...

We are living parallel lives!

Owen and I are off to our annual family reunion on Sunday morning and
it just always stresses me out and I can't wait to get home. At least the kids are usually blissfully unaware of the under current of judgement and resentment. They just eat, swim and play!

Good luck to you!!

Jen said...

oh, I read your post wrong. I thought you meant judgement and resentment between those of us in the picture. Now I get it, and agree. ;)