Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quiet Contemplation::4

We are back from a busy long weekend.
It started with a birthday party in the city.
Time to put on a pretty dress and gloss up her lips.

Later we headed back to our home town for a reunion of sorts.
We don't all get together very often.
Lately it has been once a summer.
It is so nice to catch up.
The neices and nephews are growing so fast.
It is more noticeable when you don't see them often.
Good kids.

My sisters.
My mother.
I like them.
Each is unique.
My brother.
Quite the character.
Red glow in the dark pants.

My girls were there too.
Of course, they are the best.
My son,
 ( I like to call him that although he is my
Great guy.

It is so nice to be back home.
Even Paul agrees.
We love seeing the people
but we hate the travel/hotel bit.
Although she did love the jet tub in the room.

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Sara said...

Coming back home is always a good feeling. :)