Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Man and His Dog

I am a cat person. I have always loved cats. Notice I didn't say I am a kitten person. I much prefer cats, but one has to start out with a kitten in order to get a good cat. You know, a cat who doesn't jump on the cupboards and try to eat food off of your plate. This little kitten has already learned not to come into our bedroom. As much as I love cats, I don't like them in my bedroom. At all. Ever. Good little Martha.


I have tried to be a dog person. Many times. We have had dogs for different amounts of time. Our longest was 2 years. He was a Golden Retriever. Caleb. Good dog. But oh so hairy and oh so sheddy.(that's a word, isn't it?) I don't like little dogs much but hey, most of them don't shed. I love the IDEA of a dog. So much so that when my girls asked me when they were little I tried. Very hard. The smell and the dog hair all over the place got me every time. My husband indulged me/us without ever complaining. But... he is a dog person.

And now, after 29 years of marriage, it is the first time HE has initiated getting a dog. After all this time of travelling and night shifts and business trips he is finally home on a regular basis and now he wants a dog. I looked and looked and inquired and inquired at every shelter around. I knew for sure that I did not want a puppy. That is way too much work for me and way too much mess to deal with. We finally contacted a breeder who was retiring one of her females. She was a 7 year old fully obedience trained (in hunting even, although my husband doesn't hunt) Black Lab. For a very good reason on the seller's part,(their older dog was put down a week before we were supposed to pick her up) we didn't get her.

Then, Paul found a husky who was 1 year old. He was going to pick him up but my gut told me no. I told him so and I felt so bad. The very next day I found an ad for the dog of his boyhood dreams! A 1 year old female Registered Red Bone Coonhound. Think Where the Red Fern Grows. Yeah, that breed. After several phone calls and emails we were told the dog would be brought to our house on a certain day. We eagerly went to the store to get all the necessary supplies. Some of us were more eager than others. We waited for the day to come and it did. And it passed. And no dog, no phone call, no email. In fact we were dumbfounded as to what happened.

We sadly took all of the supplies back to the store. Some more sadly than others. We decided to wait until Spring when we move. Yes, we will be moving but that is a post for another day. Then the day after that the owner of the Coonhound called and said there was an accident involving her father and sister and there were apologies etc.... Paul went out to get her the next day.


We have had her for 5 short days and we love her already. Some of us more than others. She is a good girl. Very stubborn. Very food motivated. Very gentle. Very quiet. And yet very loud! She doesn't like it when she is left in her crate and we leave. Have you ever heard a coonhound howl? Check it out on YouTube. IT IS LOUD!! She is a very low shedding breed, which is fantastic for this slighlty obsessive housekeeper and fully housebroken which is a HUGE plus.


Paul is as happy as can be. I am as happy as can be that he is going on not one but two 40 minute walks a day! Athena is thrilled beyond belief. And Martha... well this 3lb kitten, in just 5 short days, has put a 60lb dog right in her place!

PS Nahla is her name.
PPS She was/is in heat when we got her. Sigh.


Jen said...

That dog suits dad!

Tara said...

You are building a small menagerie of cute pets! Nahla is darling and so is the kitty of course...

Our dog, Romey has some coon hound in him and if we leave him behind sometimes he will bay... it IS loud!

have fun with your new critters.

Dawn said...

What a beautiful dog Nahla is! I used to think that I was just a cat person, so I was surprised by how completely I fell in love with our dog. I do think it would have been nice to have been able to skip the puppy phase though- lucky you!