Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Symphony

When I saw that the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra has a family concert series, I knew I had to get tickets. She loves Classical and Baroque music so much. In fact, she is now listening to a Bach CD each night as she falls asleep. Her choice.Neither of us had ever been to the symphony although I have wanted to go for many years. (My thing is winter highway driving)

This particular symphony called "See Me, Hear Me" was geared to children. There was also instruction by the guest conductor Richard Carnegie. He taught the kids, and adults alike, about the subject of a piece. Then he had some "Where's Waldo" child actors hiding among the musicians. When the subject would be played a Waldo stood up and the audience was to wave their arms. Then later in the piece we were to see if we could hear the subject without a Waldo popping up. It was brilliant!! He also taught them how to conduct. Down, right, left, up. That was kind of fun.

The guest artist was a 13 year old viola player. She was a winner at the music festival and her prize was a debut at this concert. Her name is Katriana Philipenko. Of course it was. There was no way her name would be Molly Green. :)

At intermission, there was an instrument petting zoo. Athena was the first to try the instruments. We got to the show early and she did this before hand. Turns out she is good at trombone and trumpet and needs a little work on flute. And this germophobe mother wouldn't let her try instruments with reeds. :)

After Intermission a the Orchestra moved down to the floor and dancers took the stage to act out Sleeping Beauty. It had Puss in Boots in it and a little girl danced a solo. I am sure she was not more than 6 years old. The music became a little sinister and Athena couldn't help but yell out "Bad Kitty!" Many parents turned around and smiled at her. She really has a good ear for music!

She loved it. I loved it. Even Paul loved it. He must be getting used to it as if Athena picks the music for dinner it is almost always Josh Groban or Mozart.

And to quote Athena again, she says,

"I love classical music because the words don't get in the way."


Dawn said...

This sounds like a great experience. I love that quote at the end from Athena. :)

Tara said...

What an awesome trip for all of you!
Athena looks delighted to be there... :0)