Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Farm

Paul found a possible farm for us to live at. It had more than we even hoped for. The price was a little steep but one that we could live with. He drove out to it early, just to make sure he could find the way. It was a short 38km from the city we are supposed to move to. 19km on the highway, 19km on a windy, tree-lined gravel road.

As he was driving to it, he was struck by the beauty of the surroundings. The trees were all covered with hoar frost. He saw a buck running beside him on the grid. The owner says it sometimes takes her a while to get home at night on account of so many moose and deer. (sigh) :)

As he approached the homestead he saw the winding driveway and observed the beautiful setting of the house. Trees as far as he could see. 80 acres of them. There was also an additional 80 acres of farmland. A full 1/4 section. Much more than we hoped for.

We were hopeful after seeing the pictures. The two kids bedrooms were ridiculous but paint can erase a lot. The rest of the house was a bit fancier that we are used to but once we got our stuff in there it would be fine. There was wood boiler in floor heat in the walkout. There were not one but two wood stoves. Perfect.

And then he went inside.  Suffice it to say that some people should not attempt to do their own home renovations. Even Paul, who is very good at them, said there were some projects started that he wouldn't attempt. (insert another sigh, this time a sigh of sadness)

He was more disappointed than I, because he saw the setting. He said it was exactly what we were looking for. More beauty that one person could ever wish for. And now, he is second guessing his decision not to make an offer. And after having spent this past week in Vegas on business, he longs for that serenity even more.

If you are curious and want to take a peek, the listing is here.


Tara said...

What an enormous house! I'm used to 1200 square feet so it seems like a sprawling mansion to me... LOL!!

You'll make the right decision.. follow your heart.

Dawn said...

That must have been so disappointing to find those problems, especially when everything else looks so perfect. After a very crowded house this weekend, with lots of company, I'm really craving a bigger house...just located in the city. : )

Anonymous said...

Just to play devil's advocate, when we bought our land there was no house, a burned down barn, two rotten sheds and about 14 rotted out vehicles rusting away. We are still finding and clearing debris and will be for many years. It wasn't perfect but the land is so beautiful it makes all the work (and money) worth it.

This may not be 'the one' but sometimes with this country life it's worth putting up with the obstacles to get where you need to be. You'll know the right one when you see it : ) I'm looking forward to hearing much more about your adventures!