Friday, March 15, 2013

From the Project Pile

The weather here continues to behave like it is January in all its fury. It snowed a great deal overnight and the forecast is for more of the same for the next several days. I think Mother Nature forgot that Spring is right around the corner. She does that sometimes, especially here in Saskatchewan. Oh well, I say, no use complaining about that which we cannot change. So instead of thinking about starting seeds, like some of you have already done, I have been doing some knitting.

I have been working on Athena's sweater for a long time. Actually, I started out well and when it came time to divide for the sleeves, well... I am at a standstill. I will need my Mama to explain it to me. So this project has been sitting in my project bowl for a long long time. My fear is that when I finally do finish the thing that it won't fit her. That would be tragic because my granddaughters don't seem to like my hand knits as much as Athena does.

This particular project is made from Organic cotton. As Athena has texture issues with her clothing, which she totally gets from me, I either use cotton or super wash Merino wool for her. I made her a hat from a silk/wool blend and that was okay too. The Alpaca hat? Not so much. Too itchy. I was surprised at this because it felt so soft. So I tried to wear it and felt the same way.

I made myself a great toque from some leftover siwash yarn my mom sent me. It was fantastic. I knit it with double yarn for warmth. When I went to try it on it was about an inch too short. Athena has yet another hat. Having nothing on hand to make myself a toque with, (my favorite one that I made years ago got a run in it and although I fixed it I didn't want to be without one) I went to the yarn shop in search of a navy blue to match my new llbean jacket. Gosh I love their clothing. Do you think I could find what I was looking for? Not exactly. I must add that it wasn't exactly a yarn store either but Michael's craft store. I was careful to make this hat bigger and make it bigger I did. Too big. Too bad for me, I am wearing it anyway.

I was given some beautiful wool from my daughter's grandma in law. That's a legitimate relation isn't it? Grandma in law? I have no idea what I will use it for. They are both undyed natural wool. They are both oh so lovely and seriously scratchy. Perhaps I'll make something for the cat as she can't seem to keep her paws off of my knitting.


 We got such a laugh yesterday as she came running down the stairs with my newest project tangled around one of her feet. She ripped around the living room making a web of wool all over the place until she finally got her foot free. Thank goodness it was just a wash cloth that I had only cast on and knit a few rows on. It was so funny to us. Not so much to her.


Heather said...

All of that yarn looks delicious! I just started a pullover for my daughter and I am finding that the sizing doesn't look right, but I don't want to pull it all out and start I am going to be making some changes to the front to hopefully make it fit ok. With that beautiful wool that is scratchy, you could make some mittens for next winter and line them with something a bit softer, or a hat. I'm sure it will be incredibly warm!

Dawn said...

I love this picture of your cat. What a sweet face she has. Pretty much any wool makes me feel itchy. I have lined hats wool hats with fleece before, it does help.