Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snow Day (Again)

A certain someone who just turned 9 a few months ago,
suddenly has an interest in her hair.
She thinks she looks like a teenager. (smile)
She also informed me yesterday
that she plans to go to public school when she is a teenager
for no other reason than she wants to get a boyfriend. (eye roll)

But for now, she is happy to play with this little gal.
They have been best friends since they were babies.


Cousins and friends!


Tara said...

They look so sweet!

Yeah.... the teenage years are going to be interesting aren't they???

Dawn said...

Cute! I read something the other day about "tweens", that a kid is considered one from the ages of 9-12. For some reason, it kind of freaked me out. I'm not ready to start thinking of my "baby" as a "tween" yet. ; )