Thursday, August 1, 2013


Our farm, we have learned, is abundant with fruit.
We didn't know it then, but we sure know it now.
It is likely the reason there are bears around here.
We have thousands of Saskatoon bushes.
Half that of choke cherry and as far as I can tell
half that of wild raspberry and strawberry.
I was so busy getting settled inside the home
that I was late in getting to the Saskatoon berries.
That and the mosquitoes and horseflies kept me
from picking them on time.
Still, there were very many that weren't over ripe.
Paul even helped and did the lions share of the picking.

So I made pie. Saskatoon pie.
Paul was so excited.
He loves pie!

My Grandfather always told me
"Your Grandma makes the best pie crust. Use her recipe."
And so I do. It works out every time.

And our neighbor across the road had an abundance of rhubarb.
Paul went down and picked that for me as well.
Lots and lots of rhubarb. Enough for pies and jam and maple stewed.

And when the pies were cooling on the counter
with the sweet aroma filling the air,
my dear Paul was circling them like a shark.
Turns out since he picked most of the berries, he got to have the pie
all to himself.
Saskatoon pie does not appeal to me so
I didn't even try it.
And Athena tried it and politely said
"Not my favorite."
But the rhubarb pie... that is another story!


Jen said...

Those look soo good. Rhubarb is more appealing to me too!

Dawn said...

I've never tried Saskatoon berries, but how lucky are you to have all those berries! Those pies look delicious. I was eating blackberries off the bushes just a few minutes ago. I need to go pick enough for a pie.

Tara said...

Your pies look delicious Michelle! Never eaten Saskatoon berries, what do they taste like?