Sunday, July 28, 2013


Violet was born on the morning that the movers came
to load up our belongings.
It seemed Martha waited for us to wake up
and we knew she would have her kittens soon after.
We were so surprised that she only had one.
All of our girls have one girl at a time.
No boys. Only girls.
Why should Martha be any different?
Within hours of her birth she was loaded into
my truck and moved north to our farm.
For two weeks she didn't open her eyes.
For one more week she could barely walk
and didn't leave the box.
Martha was very upset when she tried.
And now little Violet is scampering about.
She generally stays in the room where the birthing box is.
Martha is a bit more relaxed.
She still hisses when we come upon her too quickly.
The gets a little Mohawk and puffs herself up to try to scare us.
It doesn't work and we chuckle every time.
Martha watches her closely and is slowly letting her go further
and further from the box.
And... she is litter trained already!
Smart little kitty.

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Tara said...

Those pretty blue peepers are amazing! What a sweet tiny kitty -glad everyone is settled in and happy!