Friday, September 6, 2013


When we were trying to position this house on our land I really wanted my bedroom windows to allow the sun to peek in in the mornings. We sleep with our windows open all year round and we don't use blinds. For a week each month the nights never get dark around the full moon. I love moonlight and sunlight streaming in on us while we sleep.

We placed the house in a way that made sense. The front porch with the overhang facing south, which placed the master bedroom facing north. It wasn't what I wanted. But oh, the surprise I had when the slight off set indeed did allow the sun to shine in on me in the morning. Every morning, now just a bit later than the day before, the sunrise awakens me. The colors are truly amazing.

 I look out my window which is as low as my bed each and every morning. And each and every morning I tell myself that I should get the camera and try to capture it. I have never done it until today. Today a flock of Sandhill Cranes flew over. As happens with cranes, you hear them long before they come into sight. I ran to get my camera and clicked away as they flew from the bluish/purple into the pinks and orange/red of the sunrise. The pictures aren't as clear as I hoped but you can see what I mean about the morning sunrise. The brilliant colors only last a short while and then the sky turns a lovely soft blue. If you blink, or sleep in, you will miss all this beauty.

(These cranes fly overhead several times a day. As with the sunrise, soon they'll be gone to their summer homes. It only lasts about a week.)

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Dawn said...

These pictures are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. So many times, I have admired a sunrise or sunset, went to get my camera, and in that short period, it changed. I think these types of skies are good for teaching us to savor the moment. You're right, they're gone so quickly.