Sunday, November 17, 2013


I just love weekends. Most of us do. Weekends around here are oh so predictable and in the predictability comes comfort. The same things happen most weekends. The same but different, in a good way.

Since the days are getting shorter and it is dark in the mornings even I have been sleeping in a bit. Hibernating, so to speak. During the week we are up by 6am but weekends we sleep a little longer despite having the same bed time. This morning I was still in bed at 7:30. And I liked it. Each morning we start the coffee and I get my boots and jacket on and go out to feed and water the dogs. Today they were still asleep when I went out. We still lock them in the kennel overnight so keep them safe from the coyotes. Most mornings Martha comes for a snuggle with Paul.


After we have all eaten we head outside to attend to whatever has to be done. I fork up the straw in the kennel and remove snow. Their bed is so warm and cozy it is not a wonder they slept late. Paul does the heavy work and sometimes I help him. The man works like ten men, never stopping until it is done. Athena plays in the snow and plays some more and when I think she must be frozen solid she plays yet some more. We eat dinner and all end up in the living room. I usually knit and Athena draws. Paul has his rum and talks with us both.

paul's idea of shovelling snow
my idea of shovelling snow

Athena has been reading during her nightly bath. The Guardian's of Ga'Hoole. She is on book six! She can't get enough of the barn owl Soren and his friends. The other night she came out of the tub and her finger nails were still full of modelling clay. Seems she was so into her book she forgot to wash! I usually go to bed before 10 and Paul will watch a movie. You know, the "man movie". Lots of gunshot, lots of "f" words and some sort of hero.

(this is my dog jack. he follows me everywhere and won't leave my side.
he is my favorite. don't tell max)

Sunday he makes breakfast. Every Sunday. Bacon or sausage, hash browns, eggs and toast. Athena and Paul have a glass of orange juice and I have a can of tomato juice. I forgot to chill a can so I missed out this week. Isn't it odd that I only drink it on Sunday? I know. Usually we will head outside for more chores. Today, after shovelling snow again, (it snows a lot here) Athena asked if I'd go sledding with her. Why not? We have our own hill, plus it is so much fun! We must have done the run 15 times or more and today even Paul joined it. It was cold and it was snowing but we stayed out for two hours anyway. The problem I faced was that the dogs follow me everywhere so each time I slid down the hill I had two giant pups run down on each side of me. I nearly ran them over on more than one occasion. We all wore our new custom fit elk hide mittens he commissioned from the Hutterites and they were SO warm. I have trouble keeping my fingers warm, even in the house so to find out these did the trick was a special bonus.

bone broth simmering on the stovetop
these things must be started at the crack of dawn. :)

When the work is done and we are sufficiently tired we come inside for popcorn and a family movie. Athena has dill pickle seasoning, Paul has plain old butter and salt and I have really come to love my nutritional yeast popcorn. We have a run on dog sled movies going on. Last week we watched Iron Will, which I highly recommend. This week we watched Snow Dogs which is just plain fun and next up is Snow Buddies for Athena to watch on her own. Nothing like a good family movie day. Please feel free to add your suggestions for family movies in the comments. I am always looking for good ones to watch.

Dinner is usually a bid deal on Sundays. Some sort of roast always makes its way into the oven. Today, however, we opted for grilled beef tenderloin. It won't be fantastic, as is usually is, because I don't have any blue cheese to go on top. That's okay though because there really is no way one can mess up beef tenderloin now is there? We'll open a bottle of wine and Athena will have some grape juice in a wine glass and so ends another wonderful weekend at our house.

Repetitive? Maybe. Boring? Never. Comforting and grounding and centering. A coming together before the new week begins. Now if you will excuse me, I am off to shovel again. I am not complaining though. Remember, I love to shovel snow.


Lyse said...

We used to have family movie night every Friday for years.

You have to watch The Princess Bride it is one of our favourites.

Tara said...

Sounds like a good life to me, full of love, family and good food with lots of time outside!

Dawn said...

Weekends are the and good food, that's all I need to be happy. We're so different in some ways Michelle, but so alike in others. I love that picture of you and Athena- very cute.