Saturday, November 9, 2013

Out There

We have had snow for a week now. Same as last year the first snowfall stuck. We got a few extra weeks of fall this year which was especially nice. The snow came in one swift storm which passed through last Sunday evening. It snowed some more on Thursday and so shovelling was in order.
I love to shovel snow. I really do. It is good exercise and heats up the body when the temperature drops. There is a definite sense of accomplishment when you look back and see the banks built up along the sidelines. Job to do. Job done. Simple as that. So I have cleared a path to the dog kennel and an area around our back door and a wide swath for us to drive in as we leave our immediate yard. I made a path and cleared a parking spot for Paul's work vehicle as well. Like I said, I love to shovel.

Little Miss A loves the snow too. I don't know if it is because since she was a little tot I took her out in the winter or if these things sort themselves out on their own. All I know is that I have always loved winter. I was out every single day last week and didn't see one bug!! Gotta like that.
She is working on her toboggan run and gets frustrated when the dogs put their footprints in her path. She goes outside every single afternoon. Time when she would normally be still in her desk at public school. The beauty of that is NOT lost on her.

The dogs are enjoying the snow as well, so far. Perhaps when the mercury dips into the -30s they won't so much. These two dogs are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. They will play so nicely and go exploring together in the mornings and then in the afternoons it is a battle for dominance. Max will sometimes fight back. Jack always wins.


We have had trouble finding wildlife tracks. Those boys follow me everywhere I go. Which is good, and bad at the same time. They chase squirrels up trees and sniff prairie chickens out of their leafy hideaways. Maxie even caught a chipmunk and Jack ate it.

Each year I am in awe about how beautiful winter is. Autumn is lovely with her vibrant color but it is so fleeting around these parts. A few weeks at best. Winter continues to amaze me with her twinkly brilliance and her stillness. Just stand in the winter woods and listen. You will hear the squirrels scolding and the woodpeckers drumming their beaks on hardwood and you will hear the chickadees familiar song as the eat the last of the berries and seeds and skit from tree to tree looking for more.
It is enough to take your breath away if you dare go out in it.

I read a little quote the other day that I will share with you here. It rings true to me and I'll bet it will for you too.

"There is no Wi-Fi in the woods but I promise you will find better connection."
And you will.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos. Some of them reminded me of our home building and living on our acreage at Delisle way back in 1980. I can tell by your writings and photos you are where you are suppose to be! ~norma C

Tara said...

LOVE the quote - you are actually making me look forward to winter with all your beautiful images!!

EMMA said...

WOW, we've had snow too, but not that much.
Beautiful set of pictures.
Great quote!

Sarah said...

Michelle, have you read The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivy? I bet you'd really like it...

Dawn said...

These pictures are beautiful. You seem to be in the perfect place at this time, your environment so well suited to you. My son tells me everyday that he can't wait for snow. We will probably need to plan a trip into the mountains this winter so that he can play in the snow. We don't get very much here in Kirkland.