Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is windy and rainy. Too much rain. The farmers are in trouble. Cold too. Had to run the furnace this morning if you can believe it.
I am thinking... about what direction I want to go in with regard to fall home school plans.

I am thankful for... my extended family. I got to see a lot of them, Paul's side and mine this weekend and it was just wonderful.

From the learning room... lots of new materials await. I ordered some more phonics readers today as well as magnetic letters. It needs to be sorted and prepared for the fall.
From the kitchen... Paul is away tonight so I am thinking of leftovers for me and Athena. Maybe chicken fried rice and some freshly harvested lettuce salad. Tomorrow I'll make another Rhubarb pie...or maybe rhubarb crisp. Still undecided.

I am wearing... a dress, as usual, but I am also wearing a sweater on top and slippers as well. Like I said, it is chilly here.

I am creating... home school plans for the fall. I really need to get this going. I found some great resources on line today for the book First Language Lessons. I am quite pleased with that.
I am going... nowhere, thankfully. We have be overly busy so I am pleased to stay at home for a bit.
I am reading... The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I just got it from the library today. I am also reading The Well Trained Mind The Guide to Classical Education at Home.

I am hoping... that my sister Lyse's move back to Canada goes well for her this week and my sister in law Mona's move back to Quebec goes well too. Both women are experiencing stress over their moves. Who wouldn't. They both just want to be there and settled. Also that Jen's solo trip to Vancouver for Hypnobirthing Training goes well.

I am hearing... the wind blowing hard and strong through the trees and the sound of my dryer balls tumbling around in the dryer.

Around the house... I am getting the laundry done, the beds changed and some general tidying up. Athena just came home from her Summer Fun Program and she is needing a snack.

One of my favorite things... is homemade soup. I love soup. I plan to make Yam Chipotle soup with Avocado Aioli very very soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Cut down the ailing apple tree. We have tried to save her for years but she is beyond saving. Write down general home school goals for the year and start to make monthly and weekly plans. Organize the craft cabinet and weed and sort the books. Hopefully get out on the boat. Not because I want to but so Paul will stop asking me to.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

( The only good thing to come of Paul's sister's move. I got her plants!!)


Tara said...

I could so do with a bit of cold here... having to run the furnace makes me want to drive to Canada as fast as my aging old sedan will get me there!!!

Two full weeks of soupy, muggy, I'm living in a sauna heat and humidity.... ugh.

Soup sounds good despite the temps. ouside. I'm thinking maybe a chowder?

Dawn said...

It sounds like there is always something delicious being cooked up in your kitchen! It has been weirdly cold here to, but it looks like today might be different. I've been wearing sweaters and jeans lately.