Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great Guinness Incident

Let me first say, or dare say, I think Spring may finally be upon us. I hope I didn't jinx it. The temperature finally rose above freezing today. Athena and Eden spent the better part of the afternoon outside. Of course, Athena fell out of one of our spruce trees, only 5 or so feet up. Good thing there was still snow to cushion the fall. She landed flat on her back. She later told me the branch wasn't strong enough to support her weight. She cried a bit but didn't want to come back inside. Good sign.

Paul is away again most of the week. He was out of town last week as well. He was back Friday and shortly after supper and coloring (see proof below) he got a call out for a motor vehicle accident on the highway. A fatality...again. So I didn't get to see him that night. He came home long after I was in bed.

Next morning, 7am, his pager goes again. This time it is a barn fire. Gone for several hours of the morning. We did head to the city for lunch and a bit of shopping so we got to spend a small amount of time together.
And this, dear readers, is what a full grown man does when he spills a freshly poured Guinness on the table.
I had to take a picture so you would believe me. Can you believe this? Guinness must be THAT good.
Brave Fire Fighter/First Responder by day. Licking Guinness of the table by night.

And today, he is off again. Yes, on a Sunday. Some sort of  Pump/ Hydronic show in Banff. He is away until Wednesday evening. Another week of just me and the girl. Some days I wish he had a regular job. A job where he was away all day and home every night. I don't see that in our future but a girl can wish can't she?Well can't she??


Sarah said...

Yes, she certainly can. :)

And that picture of Paul slurping up the goods? Hilarious. !!!

Tara said...

My husband would have done the same thing - Guinness is too good to waste.

Your hair looks great!

Dawn said...

Yes, I know it's hard to have a husband who travels a lot. I'm thinking back to last spring, when my husband was gone for most of March and April. Hang in there!
That is so funny about the Guinness on the table! I don't think I've ever had a Guinness, but I now have some in my 'fridge. My husband said that we have to have it with corned beef and I'll be trying it tonight!

Ed said...

That pic of Paul, Thats quite normal at my house as well. Priceless.