Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guilty as Charged

So, we are sitting down to breakfast the other morning and everyone is quiet, just waking up really. I had been up for a while and already read the paper and had my coffee. And so I initiate a conversation with my family.

Me: "So, I have an idea..."
Paul: "Oh oh."
Me: "Why would you say 'oh oh'?"
Paul: "Because everytime you say you have an idea it either has to do with eating tofu or smashing the tv."

Guilty. It did have something to do with the tv. Not smashing it, just having one day a week with no tv, computer, blackberry. For your information, neither of them went for it.


Kaivalya said...

You really had me going there for a moment! I thought you got a puppy! :-D

One day screen-free is a great idea. I find that I get SO much reading done on those days.

Dawn said...

Ha! I'm laughing because it sounds familiar. My family doesn't trust me anymore when I try to serve them smoothies. I'm may be guilty of adding too many nutritional supplements to them.

Anonymous said...

Ha! With the picture and the title, my first thought was 'you have to be kidding me'. I was actually thinking about what I was going to say to you! Thank goodness! No more animals please!
As far as the real blog, I'm sure my family would feel the same way as Paul and Athena!


Tracey said...

I have tried the same idea here with no takers...what is with these people we live with?!
The puppy is so stinkin' cute!

Jessica said...

We talked about the same thing many times but the girls didnt want to give up the tv, i cant blame them there.Then our old cat got ill and we realised that we were not going to be able to do cable and his vet/med/specicial food.So cable went.The girls barely even watch free to air now, and you know what, they are never bored at all!