Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simplicity Parenting

There comes a time in each person's life when something changes them on a deep level. This book has done that for me. I couldn't put it down but it was not a fast read. I read it in rather a slow manner as I wanted to absorb it bit by bit.This book was written in such a clear, practical manner. So simple yet so profound. I cannot stop thinking about its message.

Since beginning to read it I have radically reduced the number of toys that Athena has in our home. And by reduced, I mean really reduced. I must add here that before I started this venture, she probably had half of the toys most girls her age have. Honestly though, there were boxes of toys given away to cousins, donated to charity or chucked in the garbage bin. I kept the good ones. Building blocks, modelling clay, her basket of animals, some toy cars and some wooden people figures. I then bought her some play silks (which have yet to arrive) and a large dump truck and front end loader for the sandbox. I bought a few balls as well. What more does a child need.

I also drastically weeded out and gave away some books (gasp!). Yes books. We had too many and she appreciated very few. I kept some books for a rotational library but most I gave away. I packed up everything neatly in boxes and had my husband haul them away to a second hand store. I very politely asked him not to go through it all and he didn't. This is after I assured him there was nothing of his in the "giveaway pile".

There have been more changes taking place around here than I can mention in this post and I still want to smash the television with a sledge hammer but I think my husband would seriously DIE if I did. Baby steps, right? Perhaps some day.

This book is so good. It is a life changing book. For me it was anyway. If you are really not happy with the way things are going with your child, or if you are just curious about what I am talking about or if you just want to raise a calmer, happier more secure child, please read this book. Please.


Tracey said...

I want to do the same thing to our television! What is it with the men? You got rid of books? I really need to do the same thing, but they are my weakness.

Sarah said...

I loved this book, too. It's probably time for me to re-read it, actually. I'm finding our schedule a bit crowded these days, and could use a little inspiration to let some activities go.

Dawn said...

This book was life changing for me too. I imagine that Athena will love the playsilks you ordered. My twelve year old still uses them occasionally. And my son uses then too. They're just so versatile.