Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And On A Lighter Note...

We had a really good long weekend. I just knew that having my daughter and son-in-law move to Humboldt (which is just 90 minutes away) would be a good thing. We have been enjoying many impromptu lunches with them because of course they have to come to the city for Costco! The only bad part is just shortly before they moved there, my other daughter moved to Regina from here so we still all don't get together. Some day maybe.

First we met up at the Chinese buffet. Now I am not a fan of buffets for obvious reasons. Germs, and um... germs. But Clint said it all when he said "Listen, what you have to do is get in, eat all you can and get out and don't think about it." Yes, true. But you will notice I am the only one with any vegetables on my plate. Oh wait, my daughter Jill has a splash of green in there too. But I must say, it was tasty. The Coconut buns were a hit but I was too full to try one.

 Cousin love. These girls love to be together. Athena, Josie, Abby.

And these sisters love each other like crazy guessed it, can fight like cats and dogs.
It rarely lasts long and they are back together playing as if nothing happened.

After lunch we went to Kinsmen Park where the rides are $1 a ticket and parents ride free. The weather was scorching hot and continues to be all this week. Temperatures in the 30s, Celsius that is.

I am always so happy to do things like that. Meet up, share some food and some laughs and go on our way. I see so much more of this in the future and it makes me smile.


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Dawn said...

Those cousins are so cute. I like the sound of coconut buns..yum!

Tara said...

You have a beautiful family and impromptu lunches are always fun!