Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Must Be Doing Something Wrong

Like the title says, I must be doing something wrong. I read all of these blogs of homeschooling families who are out playing, hiking, going to the beach or who have craft after craft accomplished and who's pantries and freezers are full to the brim. They spend their days doing fun things.

And then there is me. We are schooling all morning and now bits of the afternoon and then I have so much to do in terms of house and yard work that I wonder how there are so few hours in a day. There are not many nights that I see 10pm. Sheesh. What am I doing wrong?
(Maybe I am just too old for this gig. I am a grandma after all.)


Sarah said...

Well, if you are, than I am, because we aren't filling our days with much adventure, either. Most of our days are school in the moring, housework in the afternoon (well, the kids play, but I work!). That's a tough balance, I think- because part of the reason we homeschool is to give our kids lots of hiking/playing/beach-going/free-adventure kind of time, but it's hard to get that in with a rigorous schedule!

I do think it's helpful to realize that most of who I see doing the *most* in the fun department probably don't do a lot of rigorous academics. It all depends on what's valued. I just wish I could strike a better balance, myself. Let me know if you figure out the secret.

Dawn said...

It sounds normal to me, especially considering the age Athena is at this time. My daughter is becoming a lot more independent in her studies now that she's older, so it's getting easier. But I'm still very tired at the end of the day. Just remember, most people only write about the fun things on their blogs, so it's usually not the whole picture. ;)

renee @ FIMBY said...

Michelle, maybe it's just the new routine. I find the start of something new - a more rigorous homeschool routine for example to really stretch me for a few weeks. Then, once we find our groove I feel I can relax a bit more and don't feel so frazzled.

I think also the other commenters are right. Those that do more "adventuring/out and about" for lack of a better word usually focus less on the academics. There's only so much time - for all of us!