Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On These First Days of Fall

Things are moving quickly around these parts.
Just days ago the birch leaves were still green.
Now they dance around the yard in the breeze.

We are seeing the beginnings of the migrating birds.
Chickadees, Red polls, Finches.
The Robins and the Grackles have left for warmer places.

The Virginia Creeper is showing its glory this year
despite a hard frost a few weeks back.

And of course fall wouldn't be fall
without the sunny faces of the Chrysanthemums.

And obviously Fairies have paid a visit since
it is they who plant the mushrooms!

The succulents put on their last show,
a real treat for the butterflies.

And the sunsets are beyond compare.
Mother Earth really knows how to put on a show.

The woodpile is stocked for the coming winter.
This always makes me happy.
We don't use wood for heat but we all
sit mesmerized by the fire.

And the girl has been enjoying these unseasonably warm days.
Knowing that soon enough the winter chill will blow in.

Alpaca Farm field trip.
Big hit with her.

I bought some Alpaca wool from Abby (below).
Pricey at $18.50 for a 100g skein.
Enough to knit up a quick scarf
so she'll always remember.

And off to the city for lunch.
We like going to the city for lunch.
Every other week for sure. Possibly more.
Have you ever seen a beer that big?

Athena and Daddy playing Xs and Os.
Every restaurant, every time.
Funny thing is she never plays this at home.

Can you believe this is what I ordered?
Bread, cheese, spinach dip.
It was so filling I couldn't even eat half.
I do love potato skins though.

Athena loves herself a good Busker.
We were waiting in the car outside the liquor store
while Daddy ran in.
She listened to his music and asked if he had his guitar case opened.
She asked me for some change, jumped out of the car and
tossed in a few coins,
like she always does.
After all, she says, if we are enjoying his music,
why not give him some money?
(My older daughter told me later that this was illegal in Saskatoon.
Giving money to beggars that is.)

PS Paul is certain that we saw his wife waiting in the car for him.
A Lincoln no less.
Maybe the man just loves to play music?

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Alpaca wool is so soft! I have always wanted to knit something with it but haven't- so far. The picture of Athena with the Alpaca is adorable.
Good for Athena, for putting some money in the guitar case. I heard that Justin Beiber used to do the same thing, before he was famous. I don't think it's begging if they're offering a service.