Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living our Learning

Our learning year is progressing nicely.
Earth science is proving to be a favorite for her.
Lots of experiments.
Lots of creating.
Papier mache Earth, Moon and Sun.

Our schedule allows for a lot of afternoon creativity.
Blocks, magnets, Lincoln logs and modelling clay.
She is always making or imagining something.

Her first bunting which she stamped with apples,
iron and sewed together herself.
Pride in her workmanship was oozing from
her very being.

And of course there is ample time for outdoor play.
In this picture she is trying to coast down the golf course
hills on her belly. Like a penguin of course.
It is her winter goal to be able to do this
without a sled.

And you know how people always take pictures
of their footprints in the white sand beaches?
Well this is more our style.
Mine and Athena's that is.
Paul would rather his toes in the sand.

And of course there is a lot of crafting going on.
Winter themed of course.
Lots of ideas on Pinterest.

Her modelling clay table sits in a corner of the dining room.
Hours upon hours are spent here.

This week her Young Naturalists group
made platform bird feeders and learned
about feeding birds in winter.
We all love this program.

Of course there is book learning too.
Every morning and sometimes in the afternoon too.
Volcanoes, tornadoes, nouns and pronouns,
perimeter and area
time and money.
Phonics and literature,
reading and writing
and all that other good stuff.

The days are predictable and pleasant.
Things are running smoothly.
This home schooling gig is the way to go I tell you.


Tara said...

Happy kids, creative days ~ let the good times roll!

Dawn said...

What fun! Can I send my son to your school? ;) I know he'd love it. Seriously though, I've been thinking more and more about whether or not to homeschool my little guy again next year.