Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pirate Adventures

Gosh I love this kid.
This is the first year that we actually
went to the store to buy her a Halloween costume.
All other years she put her own together
from the dress up clothes she already had.

This year she wanted to be a pirate so...
we went to the store and picked out a nice little pirate dress for her.
We had other purchases to make so she gleefully carried her pirate dress around the store.
After about 10 minutes she asked if we could go back because she changed her mind.
She hung up the dress and bee lined it over to a different rack and grabbed the boy costume.
There... much better. (And, the costume was cheaper, only 9 bucks. We got her a girl pirate costume on the weekend, just to play with. It was marked down to 3 bucks!)

And then Daddy took her out trick or treating.
She was back in 10 minutes.
She went to exactly 12 houses on our street.
She was so excited and Daddy said she laughed the entire time.
She couldn't believe how much stuff she got.

Happy with little joys.
Content with enough.
Gosh I love this kid.


Dawn said...

She is a cute pirate! Athena sounds like such a great kid. Of course you love her! ;)

Tara said...

She looks so great as a pirate... Argh Matey!!

What a sweetie :)