Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow Days

Today I had plans to post about my 10 days of yoga and what is has done for and meant to me but then... it snowed. So I'll leave that post for another day.

There was a promise of snow in the air and on the barometer. We had the occasional flurry the afternoon before but one had to really be on the lookout to see any.

When we awoke the next morning all the world was twinkling white.
And someone pulled up a chair to take it all in.

Of course the new snow had to be taste tested.

Nothing like the first snow to bring out all the children.


The first teeny tiny snowman, made by Daddy.

And these guys still need to be fed.

And this guy too.

Not a big fan of the mess though. What to do?

Chilled cheeks and warm chocolate. Great way to start the season.


Dawn said...

How pretty! Warm chocolate sounds like the perfect compliment to such a beautiful snowy day.

Tara said...

Owen will be jealous ~ it has been in the 60's here and he's hoping for snow soon.

Love the snowflake testing pic!!!

barefoot mama said...