Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cats and Dogs

This is the cat.
Martha is 5 months old.
She is sweet and cuddly and she sheds.
A lot.
Well, maybe not a lot but enough for
you to know she was on your lap.
She is also kind of a brat.
And she is mischievous.
This is the dog.
Nahla, too, is sweet.
She loves affection and long walks.
She cries when we leave her behind.
Very loudly.
She does not shed, thankfully,
and is easy to keep clean.
She is also incredibly stubborn.
Most of the time, Martha can be found
doing this.

And most of the time,
Nahla can be found doing this.
But then there is the time in between.
And this is what occurs.

They like to play with each other.
Until Martha's little head
finds its way into
Nahla's big mouth.
And then... it is not so fun anymore.

One day Nahla had her cousin
Cash over to play.
And play they did.
All day long.
It was a great day...
for them.
This is what Martha
thought of the whole thing.

I didn't know she could puff up so much!
The best times are few and far between,
but they are when this happens.

They are finding their way.
Slowly but surely.
They both let me know when dinner time
rolls around. The meet me in the kitchen
and sit, side by side, and wait.
They eat their dinners...
and the chase is on again.
Some day it will be calm around here again.
Fingers crossed.
In Nahla's defence,
she was bred to chase raccoons,
and having a kitten with a tail like this...

 must be a bit difficult. No?


Tara said...

Watching cats and dogs interact is so entertaining!

Last night both of our pets curled up together on the dog bed. The cat was giving the dog dirty looks the whole time...LOL!!

Dawn said...

Ha! Your cat really does have a raccoon tail! And they both have the sweetest faces. My cat is the boss at our house. It's really kind of funny to see our big dog allow the cat to eat her food.