Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unexpected Gift

A box arrived in the mail just
the other day.
It was addressed to Athena.

When she opened the box,
she was surprised to find
some horses and some
handmade fencing.

She knew them all by name.
Black Beauty.

A blogging friend of mine
sent them to Athena.
They were hers when she was you.
Her Grandfather had made the fences for her.
Since this sweet woman is
"childless by choice",
she chose to send them to my little one.
And my little one couldn't be happier!

And this blogging friend of mine
said :
 I know my Grampa is smiling, seeing another little girl playing with the fences he made.
I'll bet he is.
Thank you so much Jayme.


Jen said...

Such a nice gift for Athena! Right up her alley.

And wow! That's nicer hand writting than I have!

Tara said...

Athena looks so happy to have this very special gift! I loved horses too when I was her age.

Dawn said...

What a sweet gift. I can imagine that your little animal lover is going to treasure these horses. My daughter has some horses like these packed away somewhere, saving them for another little girl, maybe her own someday...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! I'm sure she'll always treasure this wonderful gift : )