Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Long Weekending

I just love long weekends. Don't you? They seem to be filled with all kinds of wonderful. We make time to do the fun stuff and the things we have been putting off or just not getting around to doing. We slow down and we just "are". No schedule, no time frames. Long weekends are just like a big exhale.

We have the space for our individual interests.

We play and have fun.


And of course, there is food.

 This is what Paul and Athena ate.
 And since I don't eat pork chops,
I make tofu for myself.

These out breaths, or maybe these deep inhales are so refreshing to the spirit. They let you know what is really important.


Dawn said...

Your tofu looks delicious! I love long weekend too. My family and I are all taking next week off for vacation, I can't wait! You sure have a lot of snow.

Tara said...

So nice to tuck in and enjoy some down time.... you all do it up right!