Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Sun

I love the slant of the light in the house this time of year. The sun is low in the sky and for a few hours at midday, it shines in the kitchen and warms everything it touches. It transforms a simple hound into a fierce jungle cat.
The light outside is a cool shade of blue bringing the feeling of dusk all day long. This male pine grosbeak was cautiously eating our offering of black oil sunflower seeds. He only came long after the females ate their fill. The males are always more skittish in my opinion.

Even in the early afternoon, the sun hangs low in the sky bathing everything in its icy light. The trails at Pike Lake are snow covered which gives the legs a mighty workout. Snowshoes may be in order next week.

The cold icy air invigorates the lungs and the spirit. It kisses the cheeks leaving a rosy glow. Children simply sparkle when their faces tell of time outside.

Late afternoon brings the sunset. The light filters through the trees as the skies slowly darken. The woods become quiet and still. Snowflakes fall and I feel transported into another place. Somewhere mysterious and magical. These trees whisper and crack in the wind.

The animals scavenge for their food before darkness creeps in. The birds cautiously follow us hoping for a dropped seed or two. The squirrels chatter and scold us to stay away.

I don't feel so nervous when she climbs trees in winter. She has a snowsuit and a foot of snow to protect her. Fearless.

As we head home from our weekly, woodsy, winter wanderings, we spot this poor coyote who was not fortunate enough to make it across the grid. You may think us morbid, but we stop to take a look. For when else can you see a beautiful animal like this one close up? When else would you be able to feel its fur and look at its cute face? And my, that fur is thick. I'd estimate at least 4 inches. Poor thing.

The light is returning, minute by minute each day. The days are becoming longer. But I love January. I love the blue of the light on the snow. I enjoy the quiet darkness and the extra time huddled around the fire. Quiet contemplation. Introspection. The lovely days of winter in Saskatchewan.


Tara said...

Beautiful bits of January! I am glad the days are getting longer though...

Dawn said...

Your love for the outdoors and this time of year is just contagious as I read this. This is a beautiful post, the pictures and the words.