Friday, February 22, 2013

From Scratch

Well, my love went to look at that house yesterday and he decidedly did NOT like it. He questioned himself, wondering if he was being too picky. I did not like that door at the front where a window should be and truth be told, beige is not my favorite color. I like red or maybe dark hunter green. So looks like we have to build, or commission a build rather. This means I will indeed have to pick out every single thing. This could be a daunting task for me but luckily enough I have a daughter who is wicked good at these things as is evident by her renovations on her own house. She has a good eye. My other daughter would also be good at it but, alas, she and her husband are building their own cabin and she'll be busy with that. My middle daughter lives further away and she probably wouldn't have a keen interest in it, just like me.

The plans can be seen here and here. Best of all this builder is an acquaintance of Paul's who lives in our district so we can see the progress as it is made.
Oh my. Trying to find a property and a home is proving to be something I tell you. But we will get there! I am sure of it.


Tara said...

Good for you- it's nice to have a plan in place and when you get to pick out all the finishings, you will be so happy with the house!!

Dawn said...

Oh yes, you will get there. : ) I'm glad for you that you have your daughter to help you. Living in a house that has been picked out just for you will be so nice.