Monday, April 29, 2013

Food, Glorious Food.

Spring has arrived, at last. The weather has been beautiful. Today, not so much, but it promises to warm up just in time for the weekend! We got out the patio furniture and grilled some steaks on Saturday night. Athena wanted to eat outside but the table hadn't been washed down yet.
The time is coming quickly where we will be eating lighter fare. Lots of salads and grilled veg. But there is still just enough chill in the air to make heartier food appetizing. Breakfast, for instance. Eggs is the way to go. On the weekend we throw in bacon! I love bacon. But this is what a typical breakfast looks like for me. One egg, a piece of homemade bread and some tomatoes drizzled with evoo, sea salt and ground pepper.

I have been playing around with this recipe for Creamy Lemon Pasta. This weekend I added some fresh spinach and a blackened chicken breast. Oh my, it was so good. Other times I have added asparagus and spicy grilled shrimp. Really, you must try this recipe at least once. The possibilities are endless.

On Saturday I made corn chowder. I know you all know that I LOVE soup. This was a new Jamie Oliver recipe and of course,  as with all of his recipes, it was great. As is my habit, I send two bowls across the street for our elderly neighbors and is her habit she sends back the bowls with something tasty inside. This time it was homemade cream puffs. Scarfed that down right away. She told me I make such good soup and with a little tear in her eye she said she would miss us so much. Aw.

One of the highlights of the week was finding that Costco had a 2lb clam shell of ORGANIC strawberries for $4.49. I have been getting a 1lb from Safeway for more than that price so naturally I bought several.
I got a Cuisinart ice cream maker from Kijiji and so Athena and I used some to make strawberry ice cream.

And here I was, thinking that all you had to do was dump the ingredients in the machine and turn it on. Turns out it was a two day affair. Now I have the bowl in the freezer so it will be much quicker next time. So few ingredients. Cream, milk, berries and sugar. The result was really good. I can't wait to try more, especially my beloved vanilla.

Today is rainy and cool and so we will eat the second last Hutterite chicken for dinner. I am trying to use up as much as I have since the moving van will arrive on June 24th and I am hoping to have the freezers emptied by then. I don't want to have to fiddle with moving frozen food so who knows what our meals will end up like in the coming weeks.

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Tara said...

Yum, yum and YUM. That ice cream looks so wonderful and delicious!

I can't wait for some fresh veg to be ready later this summer to feast on :)