Thursday, April 4, 2013

Setting Foot

We are tired. Not tired in the physical sense, (well maybe Paul is physically tired too) but in the ohmythereisomuchtodo sense. We knew going into this new terrain that there would be much to do, but we did not know the nitty gritty of it all. You know?

For instance, we took a quick trip to the Battlefords because Paul had some training to do and we tagged along. We went to see the property. It was my first time. Although Google Earth is a swell tool and it is great for the aerial view, there is nothing quite like the lateral 3D view one can only get standing right out in it.

First things first. I was oh so pleasantly surprised by its proximity to the Battlefords. Now we live about 25 minutes from a city. This was about 5, tops. After turning off of the highway just past the town of Battleford we went onto a winding gravel road. We passed a horse farm and a cattle ranch and then before I knew it, we were there. We could see evidence of the road being impassable with snow at some point. This was a very snowy winter. When we pulled up to our lot it was almost surreal to me. I didn't think we would need our snowshoes but little Miss A wanted hers on. After we took her picture near the sign and Paul strapped on her snowshoes, we were off. And about 50 yards later she was on her knees with a bellyache. It seems she had swallowed half of the hotel pool water although she assures me the water level did not drop at all. So, Paul sends me forth and takes her down to the road to sit in the car. I take several steps and stop. There are fresh moose prints in the snow and I imagine being charged by a bull moose.  I was surprised by my fear. Not paralyzing fear but just a cautious anxiety. I waited for Paul right where I stood.

It was so quiet and still except for a scolding squirrel who I never did see. There were animal prints everywhere. Hares, fox, deer and moose. I noted the trees. Mostly aspens. Lots of underbrush. Dogwoods for sure. I spied at least one maple from where I stood. Perhaps we could get enough sap to make a half cup of syrup. I bet there will be more. I also noted some Black Knot. I didn't like that. Not much. Maybe I could cut it away.

(Paul pacing out where the house will go)
Paul joins me and we continue up the makeshift road. We have to decide where to put the house. I like my bedroom facing south so I can see the moon at night when I sleep. I also like the sun to shine in the windows in the mornings. That is not the easiest way to position the house but sweet Paul wants to please me so he figures it out. We kind of toss ideas back and forth about where Athena's play area will go. Where the gardens will go and where the chicken coop might possibly start out. It was all done in haste because I couldn't see Athena in the car from where we were and it made me a bit nervous so we plodded back down to the road and I just took it all in. We found out there is a creek running down one side of the property. Huge bonus for what little child would not like to spend hours floating sticks down a trickle of water? There was also a sandy ridge for some little lass to play in as well.

(Athena playing in a stream at Waskesiu last year)
When we got back to the car we realized that 40 minutes had passed and it was well past supper time. Athena was starving and her belly was still hurting and we joked about calling our new farm Bellyache Acres. But we won't call it that. We will call it something though. We'll have to find a name when we get to know it a little better. To say I was well pleased would be an understatement.

(View from the back of the house where the kitchen and my room will be)
 (View from the front of the house, which will face north and will afford nights of sitting on the porch
looking at the Northern Lights. I have been wanting this for so long I have even thought of that!)
(Lot 13 is not unlucky, and nor is this owl who has returned to our spruce.
That is what I tell myself anyway.)


Dawn said...

I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you're getting just what you wanted. I can't only imagine how tired you must be though...that sounds like a lot of decision making. The property looks beautiful.

Tara said...

Such a beautiful space for all of you to settle!

get some rest...

EMMA said...

Oh my, you sound like you are about to start on a great big adventure!
What a great place for a house.
(Yes, I think Wine is natural)
Kindest regards from Chamonix, France (where we also have had snow since November, but it is finally starting to melt!)