Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Doings

The days and weeks are seeming to melt into each other and pass quickly. At least something is melting. The days are full of phone calls, estimates, emails, decisions, planning, timing and just plain figuring out stuff. I am so very thankful to have a husband who seems to know what to do at every turn. There are a lot of turns. It makes me wonder how other people do this. There are a crazy number of hoops to jump through and a permit must be submitted and paid for for each hoop! I am not complaining about the nature of the hoops though. It is good to have regulations for the safetey of our groundwater! (This is coming from the wife of a ground water guy.)
I knew that our dream of living on a little homestead would not be without its share of work. I know it will all be a distant memory when we are all settled in. I can't wait. It is just the living in between that is hard, you know? One foot in one place, one foot in another. Paul is trying so hard to be that one guy who gets in his house earlier, rather than much later, than expected. He may just pull it off. As it stands now, the people who bought our home take possession on July 1st. Paul thinks that we could be in our new house by the third week of June. Wouldn't that be grand? I was thinking we would have to rent a furnished place for the whole summer. I may come back to eat these words but I am really noping not to have to.

We went out to see our house last weekend. It "lives" about 20 minutes down the road from here. We were excited to see the progress since the last time we saw it there was little but the shell completed. We were thinking how funny it was that we liked the house so much when there was nothing really "in" it to like. It is a nice quite drive out there. Our heart rates seem to slow down each time we head into the country. It is a good thing.

The kitchen cabinets were in and the sink Paul picked out was in too. Not all finished up but mostly done. They are waiting on the hardwood to go in before they do the finishing touches. All of the light fixtures were in too. My goodness there are a lot of them. The living room has a ceiling fan, pot lights AND wall sconces.


I had them change this built in glass shelved and doored china cabinet to a book shelf for my cookbooks. I am not the fancy glass china cabinet type of girl, nor do I have fancy china to go into it. :)

The ceiling is vaulted throughout so we have these wide open spaces above the walls for plants or maybe nothing. I am thinking plants because that front window is south facing. It will be good to clean the air from all those new building materials. Although we are going as "green" as possible with what we can, I am sure it will have its share of VOCs.

Paul went to the farm, as we like to call it, on Saturday to meet with the surveyor and the basement guy. They measured out and placed the house in just the right spot, or so Paul hopes I think it is just the right spot. He also had to figure out where the well will go, where the septic tank will go, where the mound system will go and where the power box will go. We are getting 200amp farm service so there is no need to have the box mounted on the house. Again, I am so thankful that he knows what he is doing. In fact, he always seems to know exactly what to do, except which buttons to press on the stove to turn which burner on. He has yet to master that.

We also had Athena's dance recital. She worked hard all year and was excited to show us. She had a tap dance and a ballet dance. The costumes cost a stupid amount but she thought they were lovely, of course. There was no makeup required, which is the thing I like about small town dance studios.


I leave you with her tap dance. And as you watch it, I'll be making more phone calls, packing up some boxes, emailing about 100 people and trying to fit some homeschooling in on the sidelines. Phew!
(Well I guess that didn't work. I'll try to fix it later. Have a nice day!)


EMMA said...

Oh my, that all sounds so very exciting. You husband sounds like he knows so much, that must be very reassuring. I hope you get to move in on time. When we moved in to our new house (that my husband built) we had a new baby, were sleeping on the floor and had no hot water, but we were in!!

Tara said...

Moving is always such a big project but it sounds like you and Paul have everything well in hand! The interior looks wonderful and that nice big kitchen.... wow!

Athena looks so cute in her recital outfit... my niece has a recital coming up next month - fun!!

Dawn said...

You're a lucky lady with that Paul. I hope, for your sake, that you will get to move into your new home sooner, rather than later.
Athena looks so cute in her costume. I'm looking forward to watching the video once it works. :)