Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quick Inside Tour

Okay, I am going to take you on a quick tour of the inside of our house. Obviously I didn't take much care before I took the pictures as you can see I didn't put away lunch dishes, straighten the pillows or put away the library books. But... that is what you would see if you walked in my house any given day so that is what I am going to show you now.
This first picture is taken from the side door when we first walk in. To the left are the stairs (15!!) that lead to the basement. Paul is a tall guy so he made our basement have 9 foot walls. It should be noted he is not 9 feet tall.
Still standing in the back porch to your left is the laundry room and to the right is a guest bathroom.
The kitchen is straight ahead. It has a walk in pantry there under the clock.

The table is on the other side of the island.

The view from the garden door. That area was all meadow but it was dug up to put in the septic system and sewage mound with all of its chambers. It will be a meadow again.

Standing by the kitchen sink you can see my computer station/bookshelf. It also has a view of the front door which leads into the living room.
The living room.

And the view out the living room window.

And standing on the front porch.

Moving down the hall you will find Athena's room. First door on the left. She picked this room way back before there was anything but drywall and plywood flooring. This room faces south, the same way the living room faces.
Straight across from her room is her bathroom. The tub is to the right.

Second door on the left is the office/classroom. Also faces south.

Across from the classroom is our bedroom. Walk in closet to the right where Martha and Violet live for the time being.
And my reading corner. Opposite of that is my little yoga space.

And the master bathroom. I have yet to have a shower in that lovely huge shower but soon. As soon as we have hot water.

The basement is a big open space with a very large mechanical room on one end. You won't believe that room and when it is complete at the end of the week, I will show you all that it takes to run a home in the middle of no where.

This home and especially the land it sits on are so beautiful. I pinch myself all the time to see if it is real. It is real and I am very thankful to be able to finally live out in the country. It is really a life time dream come true. Just wait until the animals start arriving!


Sarah said...

Oh yes- terrible of you to leave the house so messy! ;) I could barely stand the mess. Ahem.

It's lovely! You are going to have so many peaceful and happy days there!

EMMA said...

Your house looks wonderful, open and spacey.
Bring on the animals...

Tara said...

Michelle, your new home is lovely and welcoming and cozy! It seems so warm and full of natural light too.

Enjoy your new space :)

Dawn said...

Your house is lovely, clean and simple, and! That trampoline looks like a lot of fun, lucky Athena. :)

preeti said...

Wow the location is just superb .
Is that RTM house you are living in ?

renee @ FIMBY said...

The house is beautiful Michelle!