Sunday, July 7, 2013

Settling In

Well, we made it to the other side. We are finally feeling like we can breathe a bit. Only a little bit, but a bit nonetheless. Things started out way behind our schedule and continue to do so. So many details and so many regulations.

As far as the actual move went, we should have bought the extra insurance. They took a long time to load us up. We only left Delisle at 6:30pm. Martha had her kitten that very morning and she was not pleased to be in the back of my Explorer with her newborn only a few hours post partum. She further did not like being plopped in our walk in closet in a strange new place. All is well with her now but little Violet hasn't left the birthing box yet. The furniture was not delivered until Wednesday and our maple hardwood in the office/classroom is badly marked up. We just got the claim forms the other day so we will see what happens with all of that.

And then there is Phil, the plumber. Phil does a great job. He is thorough, neat, particular and good at what he does. But lets just say Phil is a hippie who wears no shirt, has a handlebar moustache and a pony tail... plus, he loves Pilsner. A little unreliable for showing up the morning after. Nice guy though.

We are all unpacked upstairs. The basement is improving by the day but when you take the entire contents of a man's garage and put it in a 1600 sq foot basement, that is a lot of real estate taken up. The upstairs is totally livable and after being here only a few days we got running COLD water which meant we didn't have to walk across the yard to the camper to go to the bathroom. Side note, purposely keeping yourself a little dehydrated is not a good idea. We are still waiting on hot water. Soon I hope. We boil water to wash dishes and still have to shower in a camper. Which is why I posted on FB a while back that I couldn't believe people go camping on PURPOSE. Sigh.

Athena is doing very well. She says she has always felt at home in this place, from the first time we saw it "bare bones". She sleeps long and plays hard and finally we had a chance to put up her new trampoline yesterday. It was the easiest project we have undertaken so far. Fast and easy. Two words that have been in short supply lately.

We still have a long to do list and finally yesterday the weather was cool enough to spend the entire day outside. Paul is still working on some road issues and thankfully his friend Terry got his tractor up and running yesterday. I got the shed all organized and fixed up the front deck. Athena helped me haul wood and we make a sitting area in the back too.

And now the bills are coming in. Some nice surprises like the well costing about $7000 less than we expected and then some not so nice, like the basement coming in at $7000 more. That issue is to be dealt with very soon. (Grrr)

And today is another day. We originally thought we would not work on Sundays. It is still in our plan but not quite yet. After we are settled. We have a dog house/run to construct today and some friends are coming up for a drink this afternoon.
And so it goes. Lots of work and a little play.


Sarah said...

Oof. That sounds tiring. I'm sorry about your floors! And your hot water. Here's to hoping things pick up for you soon !

Dawn said...

You sound like you're doing a great job keeping calm amidst some stressful circumstances. I hope it calms down soon. That porch looks like a nice place to relax.

old guy said...

so happy for you guys i know you will love it there,i guess i just envey you guys you have a beautiful place too live i know you will love living there,good luck getting your concerns resolved.

Tara said...

You really are making terrific progress Michelle.... it looks very settled and lovely.

Soon your Sundays will days for rest and relaxation!