Sunday, September 12, 2010

Learning Notes: Week Two

The plans I have laid out are going pretty well. We have gone a bit ahead in math and are a bit behind in science. Obviously there is going to be an adjustment period.


Counting by 10s to 100
Counting by 2s to 20
Reading numbers
Making groups of 10 and adding ones

Language Arts:

Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading Lessons 32-34
Spelling (I gave the little lass a chalkboard and had her spell, then erase 10 words)
Bob Books Set 2 Books 1 -5
Copy work: Short sentences and letters I through L


Nomads Become Farmers
Map work : Fertile Crescent
Coloring page: Farm implement Shaduf
Cave Painting
Internet tour of actual cave paintings.
Oral Quiz:What are Nomads?
What do Nomads Eat?
Why do they move?
Why did they settle in the Fertile Crescent?
How did they water their crops?
How did they protect their villages?

(The first week she hid under her desk when I took out the history book. Now she shouts "Yeah! History! The story of the past!")


Read several books about autumn.
Collected seed pods from vegetables and flowers from the back yard.
Helped with the yard clean up to get ready for winter. Pulled annuals, harvested tomatoes and peppers.


Two half hour sessions of listening to classical music.


Cave Paintings
Plasticine: made all sorts of dinosaurs and played with them for several hours.


Ra, The Shining One
The Wanderings of Isis
Dragon Kite of the Autumn Moon
One Small Blue Bead
Every Autumn Comes the Bear
I Know Its Autumn
Little Grunt and the Big Egg

Field Trips:


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Dawn said...

I'm glad she's enjoying history more now! Are you using Story of the World?