Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Way Too Old

I was speaking with my Granddaughter Eden on the telephone the other day. I was telling her how lucky she was to have a baby sister and now a baby brother too. I went on to tell her that Athena sure wishes she could have a brother or sister and Edie replied,

"Yeah but you're kinda old to have a baby."
I told her that I guess I was and then asked her how old she thinks I am. I love doing this, it always turns out so funny. So she thought about it and said,
"Well Clint is 25. Wait, Clint is 35 (Clint is my daughters partner)
so you must be....ummmm..... 65?"
I tell her that she is close, I am 45. And then the little lady adds,
"You are younger than Clint??!!"
I asked my other Granddaughter Abby how old she thought her parents were. Abby is almost 6 keep in mind. And she said, without hesitation,
"My mom is 17 and my dad is 18"
Oh really? Early start I guess. So if you are ever in need of a chuckle, ask a young child how old she thinks family members are. What a hoot!


Jen said...

Like that story about Edie.

Abby was only off by ten year, not bad. And at least she thought we were younger and not older. ;)

Dawn said...

That is so cute! My son thinks that a teenager is just an "adult who's cool". Unfortunately, he doesn't consider me a teenager. ;)

Sarah said...

Well, last week on my birthday Snapdragon guessed that I was turning 60. I was turning 29. :)

Apparently, I'm not that cool either, Dawn. Hee hee. :)

Funny story, Michelle!