Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have written many times before about how I love yoga and how I feel so "me" when I am on the mat. I know I have, but I just have to say it again.
Yoga has been "there" for me over the years in so many ways. I use it as therapy when I am sick, stressed or anxious. I have these sequences written down in a coil notebook. I used to teach them about a hundred years ago when I taught yoga. Actually, more like 3 years ago. I have never done the headache sequence without receiving some sort of relief from the practice. Yes, yoga is that good.
I have used it in times when I needed an energy boost, while searching for clarity, when I had menstrual problems, (back when I had menstrual problems). I practiced when I was tired. I practiced when I felt strong and healthy. Each time I came to my "sacred space" I listened to my body, to my spirit, and adapted the practice to what I needed each day.
Not one time, not once was I ever regretful of the time I spent practicing yoga. Not once. Did I ever have to force myself to do it? Oh yes. Many times. Did I ever find any excuse not to do it? More times than I care to mention.
Yet... I always come back. Yoga is like a true honest friend. It is always there when I need it. It is always quietly whispering to me to come to its truth. And most of all, it never lets me down.
I have been getting back to my practice in a more serious way this past month and it has been good. Really good. I feel strong. I feel fluid. I feel open and flexible. It is a good thing.
In my quest toward balance, (did I just say quest? *rolls eyes*) I have found that my yoga practice is what grounds me in a way that is more beneficial than anything else I have ever found. If you haven't experienced this, I wish you would. If you have then you know all to well of what I speak.


Fitness Freak said...

Yoga helps us in keeping balance of our stressful life,it helps us in achieving relaxation And calmness of our mind.

Dawn said...

I agree 100%. I have a yoga class on Monday mornings that I love. It just seems to start the week off right. I also want to start practicing more at home.