Monday, February 28, 2011

A Day In The Life

6:45 am -- Wake up, make coffee, read newspaper, eat breakfast
7:45 am -- Make beds, take paper to recycle, wash dishes (by hand) more on that later.
8:35 am -- Talk with Jen as I do every day at this time. Abby's bus comes at 8:30.
9:15 am -- Begin school work. Reading lesson. Explode the Code, Writing With Ease lesson.
10:00 am - Athena watches Little Einsteins on TV. Excellent resource for classical music and art
                  appreciation. I start up the Monday laundry and check blogs.
10:30am - Math. Introduction to fractions. Flash cards.
11:00am - Recess.Athena eats some fruit. I switch up the laundry and eat 5 Bacon Dipper crackers.
11:15am - Science. We read a book about vegetables on the food pyramid. She illustrates a page for
                her science book.
11:45am - First lesson in Drawing With Children. I decide to participate in the course with her. We do an
                 introduction and the first part of lesson one.
12:15pm - Lunch time. Grilled cheese, carrot sticks and sliced pears.
1:00pm -- We start on our Art Folders to hold all of the wonderful things we will make. I fold and put away
                laundry and put the last load in the washer.
1:45pm -- School day finished. Clean up art supplies and books.
2:00pm -- Athena goes off to play with her toys. Today it is her Arctic Exploration Set, complete with
                wood dog sleds and teams, igloo, people, polar bears, seals and walrus. Mama head upstairs
                to the yoga studio. Today's lesson: Moderation and Karma, taken from the book Meditations
                From the Mat, which I am really enjoying.
3:00pm -- Athena is playing with modelling clay. I look on the computer for some eco friendly art supplies.
3:30pm -- Athena is playing with some animal toys. I finish up the laundry and sit on the couch and read my
               book. I am reading Love In A Time Of Homeschooling, which I am enjoying so far.
4:00pm - Prep for dinner. Chop, mix, stir.
4:30pm - Back to the couch with my glass of wine. Back to reading the book.
5:00pm- Start dinner. Kung Pao Chicken, Shanghai noodles, (which contains tofu, which Paul will NOT eat)
              so I make rice for him and Athena and spring rolls.
5:30pm - Paul gets home from out of town. There is a blizzard and travel is not recommended. Sigh of relief.
6:00pm - Dinner time. We eat, visit and I have another glass of wine.
6:45pm-  Clean up. Paul washes today and I dry. Read Athena a book.
7:00pm - Run Athena's bath. Paul goes out to shovel snow. I go and begin this post.
7:50pm - Get Athena out of the tub, brush her teeth and get her into bed. She listens to a book on CD.
              I am thinking this would be a good time for Jim Weiss.
8:00pm- Back to the living room with some tea. I contemplate what I should knit. Maybe Athena's
              Christmas sweater? Maybe some slippers for her? Visit with Paul
9:00pm - Paul goes downstairs to watch TV. How I Met Your Mother. I go up to the bathroom and have
               a shower, get ready for bed.
9:45pm- Talk with Paul for a few minutes. Get the morning's coffee ready. Have some water.
10:00pm- Brush teeth. Off to bed. Use Rocky Mountain Soap Factory Foot Butter on my feet.
                Work an easy crossword puzzle. Relax into Reclined Cobbler for several minutes. Then
                do some relaxation Pranayama in Savasana and drift off to sleep. ZZZZZZ.

This is pretty typical of a day around here. I usually wake up a few times during the night and often have trouble falling back asleep. The joys of being a 45 year old woman I guess. What I wouldn't give to fall asleep and wake up in the morning. Even 6 or 7 hours later would be good. Maybe if I skipped the wine?

Sorry for the formatting. I don't know how to fix it!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how different our lives are!!!!

Michelle said...

'Tis true sis. Of course you are a world traveller and I prefer to keep my feet planted on the earth.

Sarah said...

You know, Michelle- I have noticed a DEFINITE corrolation between wine-drinking and night-waking.

But I still drink the wine anyway, so....


Your day sounds lovely, lovely, lovely.

Dawn said...

I loved reading about your day. It made me even more excited to get back to homeschooling. I can barely drink any wine at all, because it does puts me to sleep! I usually have a cup of coffee after dinner just so that I can stay awake until nine or ten.